Shubhasya Shighram Ashubhasya Kalharanam!

Shubhasya Shighram Ashubhasya Kalharanam!

The complete verse is: Shubhasya Shighram Ashubhasya Kalharanam.

अगर आप हिंदी समझते हैं, तो असली लेख हिंदी में यहाँ क्लिक करके पढ़ें ... If you don't understand Hindi, then continue reading below in English)

This verse and the story related to it are from the Ramayana period, but it is more useful in present times.

It is about the time when Ravana fell down due to the arrow of Lord Ram. Then Shri Ram asked his younger brother Lakshman to go to him and take some life lessons.

Lakshman started looking at his elder brother with surprise...

Maryada Purushottam understood the feelings of his younger brother and said that a great scholar who understood policy, politics and power in this world is leaving. The knowledge given by him at the last moment is priceless, hence O Lakshman! Leave aside your doubts and go to Him!

It is said that Lakshman reluctantly went and stood near Ravana's head, and Ravana remained silent.

Lakshman returned in an angry mood and said, 'Brother! Even now Ravana's ego has not ended, despite my presence, he is not saying anything.

Shri Ram, who understood everyone's feelings, said to Lakshman, 'O Lakshman! Humility is necessary to achieve anything, hence go to his feet and aspire for knowledge.

Lakshman again went to Ravana, and seeing Lakshman sitting near his feet, the first sentence came out of Ravana's mouth -

Shubhasya Shighram Ashubhasya Kalharanam.

That is, auspicious work should be started as soon as possible, while inauspicious work should be postponed as much as possible.

Giving an example, Ravana said, O Lakshman! Protected by the boon of Brahma, a scholar like me knew from the beginning who Ram is! But, I kept postponing the idea of ​​coming to his shelter. At the same time, I showed extreme haste in committing the evil act of kidnapping Sita.

If I had done the auspicious work like coming to Ram's shelter quickly, then why would I have achieved this death situation today?

There are two more teachings of Ravana, but the question is, how harmful is our tendency to postpone auspicious work actually?

Take the example of consuming poisonous vegetables... So Harmful for everyone... you, me and everyone! Click this link and get authentic information about how much poison is present in what you are eating every day. In such a situation, why are you postponing the auspicious task like Starting Vegetable Gardening?

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But do start, and start now...

...And why just gardening? Why should every good and auspicious work in life, which can be done right now, be postponed unnecessarily by making excuses?

अगर आप हिंदी समझते हैं, तो असली लेख हिंदी में यहाँ क्लिक करके पढ़ें ... If you don't understand Hindi, then continue reading below in English)

If you have any doubts in any auspicious work, ask, take some time to check, but don't postpone, unnecessarily! The lesson given to Veer Lakshman by a dying, but great scholar who was about to depart from the world is worth remembering and adopting...

Shubhasya Shighram

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